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Fully Insured Benefits
These plans involve fully insuring all aspects of the coverage placed.  All plans will have employer determined levels of life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment coverage. Extended health care coverage is also a key part of this type of benefit plan.  Many parts of this coverage are customizable to fit both benefit and budget needs.
The dental portion of this coverage can be customized as well. Short term disability, long term disability, critical illness group insurance, employee assistance programs are some examples of optional coverage that can be added to this type of plan.
Hybrid Plan Options
Administrative Services Only
In certain instances, companies can take advantage of self-insuring portions of their coverage.  Given the right set of circumstances, significant savings can be realized. Contact the Custom Group Service team today to see if this option may be right for you.
Health Care Spending Account

Health Care Spending Accounts can be provided on a stand-alone basis and are funded entirely by the employer. Each member of a class receives an equal allocation of funds from the employer.

They can also be part of a flexible benefits plan.  They can be funded by both employer and employee contributions. A HCSA can be used to pay deductibles, coinsurance, amounts more than benefit maximums and to broaden the scope of coverage of an existing plan.  The employee and their covered dependents use the HCSA to reimburse eligible medical expenses not covered by the employee or the spouse's plan.

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